End of Year Thoughts

Hey ya’ll!

Let me first start by saying that yes, I have adopted that Southern term into my vernacular. When I first started college, I never thought I would use it…but here we are! Another semester is over at my favorite place on earth, UNC Chapel Hill! I am semi-packed and studying for finals (and procrastinating, as you can see), but I find it so sad to say goodbye for the summer.

I just want to thank all of the people that have made an impact on my life in the past year. To my friends, professors, and parents, I could not have made it through the year without y’all. I appreciate you more than you know! Thank you for helping me get my life together and supporting me throughout every turn, twist, and bump of this year! Here are some photos from my favorite memories during the year.


Above: Karen, Muhmad, and I meeting Chancellor Folt on one of the first days of classes!


Above: A surprise birthday party!


Above: Kayla and I at a Chance the Rapper concert!


Above: Tom and I attending the Marine Corps Ball in November (p.s. Tom I miss you and can’t wait until you come home!)


Above: Nick, Emma, Shamsa, and I protesting at the Women’s March in Raleigh


Above: Lake trip with my scholarship group and our dear leader Gabe!


Above: UNC Attorney General Staff banquet!


Oh, and I want to share exciting news as well: I will be an RA at Granville for next year, and this summer I’m studying abroad in Dublin! I am beyond amazed and grateful for the opportunities I have been given, and I cannot wait to see what the next academic year brings for me! Part of the reason why I’ve started this blog is so that everyone is able to follow my adventures abroad, and I am thrilled to share my experiences with y’all!

Thanks so much for letting me ramble on about my end-of-year nostalgia and bittersweet feelings, I’ll keep you updated on my next adventure!



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