Hello Summer!

I miss UNC Chapel Hill already, even though I have only been away for a few weeks. Although I am so happy to be back with my friends and family, there’s something about the constant excitement and pride at Carolina that I miss. I also wish that I lived somewhat near the friends I made in college, but I unfortunately have to wait for another two months before I get to see anybody.

A little update on what I have been doing for the past few weeks: eating, working, sleeping, and repeating! I’m involved in a environmental policy internship with my ENEC 350 professor, and I am extremely interested in the topics I am learning about. Currently we’re working on coastal insurance policies and their implementation!

Also, I have been making door decorations for my residents in the fall! I am not the best at arts and crafts, but I am trying! I think I have decided on crayons because I want to use the pun “college is cray-zy” on a bulletin board.

I am currently eating real healthy, delicious food (Wawa) and seeing several friends! These past few weeks have definitely given me time to relax and have fun. 

Here’s Molly, Christine, and I at UD!

Finally, I am so unbelievably excited for my time abroad in Dublin. Only two weeks until I get to finally study abroad! Everyone I have met through this program is incredibly welcoming and amazing; I cannot wait make new friends and connect in Dublin! If you have a Snapchat and are reading this, follow UNC’s official Snapchat account and you’ll see me on there soon!

However, there are obviously some risks of travelling, and I believe that the Manchester attack has solidified my commitment to being careful. It is always horrifying to hear of such terror attacks, especially because many of the victims in this instance were children or people my age. I have been sending prayers and love to all the families affected by this attack. There is a donation link to help loved ones, and I just wanted to include it if anyone was interested in giving.


I just know that I am exceptionally grateful that my friends and family are safe and sound.




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