Dia Dhuit to the Weekend!

Dia Dhuit! (hello! in Irish/Gaelic)

Before classes started on Monday, we went on an adventure through the Irish countryside!

On Friday after our orientation, a group of us decided to visit the seaside town of Howth (pronounced Hoath-I know, I was also surprised). The scenery was gorgeous, and the seafood was completely worth the thirty minute trip. I had a blast, here are some of the amazing pictures we took!

Megan, Emma, and I in front of the Eye of Ireland
A giant group of us on a break from hiking up Howth Head!
On Saturday, IES organized a trip for all of its students at Experience Gaelic Games. We went to North Dublin to learn about the history and culture behind Ireland’s national sports. I even got to play games such as hurling and Gaelic football, although I was not the best at either! I still had a blast and am extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn about Ireland’s rich culture. Unfortunately, I was too busy playing to take any photos or videos, but rest assured that we all had a great time!

On Sunday, seven other friends and I got to take a tour of the Irish counties of Wicklow and Kilkenny! County Wicklow is known as the garden of Ireland, and that it was! I have never seen so many shades of green, and the history behind each castle or monastery we saw was extremely fascinating. Below is a photo of a monastery that’s been dated to around the 700s!

Remains of a Medieval Monastery!

Spelling out Carolina in front of a lake in Glendalough!
A view of Kilkenny Castle!

I have had class for the past two days, and I’m really enjoying the material and professors! I cannot wait to see what these next few weeks bring. Also, catch me having a craic-ing time on UNC’s official Snapchat this Friday!




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