Slainte to Traveling!

Hey ya’ll! This weekend went by quickly because we got to travel to Northern Ireland with the entire IES abroad program! I have a ton of photos and more amazing stories as well.

On Friday morning we all woke up early to travel to Stormont, the Parliament building in Northern Ireland. The history behind this building was fascinating; apparently in World War II the Royal Air Force used the building as an operations base. Learning about the intricate politics of this region was amazing, especially since my Ireland and the EU class covered some of the conflicts within Northern Ireland.

We also got to tour Belfast and glimpse into the past! This city has come a long way since the Troubles, but some tensions between Unionists and Republicans still brew underneath the surface. Below is a view of some of the pro-Irish murals we saw! We then got to see and tour a museum dedicated to the Titanic (it was built in Belfast!).

We did not stay in Belfast and instead went to the seaside town of Portrush. The beach and town were amazing and welcoming, I really wanted to stay and explore for longer!

On Saturday, our bus took us to the Giants Causeway where I cried tears of joy, honestly (actually, I think some tears were because of the absolutely freezing wind). The whole experience was amazing, and it is a must if you’re ever traveling around Ireland! I’ve posted some pictures below, but my phone could not capture its magnificence. I loved wandering around the cliffs and windy beaches, I would go again if I could!

Finally, we also got to explore the gorgeous landscape and monuments in Game of Thrones (with a cloak!). At Castle Ward our group attempted archery, went to the Castle Frey, and sat on the Iron Throne. It was epic, and I am so glad I got to go!

Can’t wait to see where this next week takes me! Slan (bye) for now!

Belfast’s Nationalist Murals
I’m meeting the world one beach at a time! I wish I could have explored more of Portrush!
A view of the Stormont from our bus!
We did eventually give up on fixing our hair, but here’s a view of the Giants Causeway from the cliffs!
Andrea, Nicole, Caroline and I are trying not to get blown away by the wind
Never really expected to be beheaded, but that’s what I deserve for losing the archery competition



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